About House Dominae

House Dominae is a brothel management simulator, inspired by games such as Java Sim Brothel, Slave Maker 3, and Free Cities, to name a few. It’s being developed for Windows PC’s as a hobby side-project by its sole developer.

Business Simulation with Benefits

You play as the proprietor of a brothel set in a medieval fantasy world and your goal is to earn lots of money and expand your business. In your line of work, you’re only worth as much as your reputation and you need to be reputable in order to garner the attention of wealthy, high-paying customers. To ensure high quality, you must personally train your stable of sex slaves to be upmost examples of obedience and skill.

House Dominae main game screen.

Play with Your Favorite Characters

House Dominae is played with custom characters, that can be made by yourself or other players using the included character creator. Character files are easy to create, self-contained, and can be easily shared.

The game was built from the ground up to offer lots of opportunities for characters to express their individuality and to allow characters to feel and play differently from one another. There’s an extensible traits system, allowing characters to even have completely original traits and behavior.

The character overview screen.

Simulation and Role-play

I really wanted to make a game that inspires players to engage in role-play and look at their slaves as individuals, rather than numbers on a financial report. A slave’s performance doesn’t just depend on their stats and skills but also on their own wants and needs. Slaves will independently form opinions about the actions they’re asked to perform, as well as of other slaves and of you, their master.

How you choose to treat your slaves may yield very different results.

Even the smallest action a character takes may affect them, both physically and psychologically, and the effects may not even manifest until much later in time. As their master, it’s your job to iron out any wrinkles and reshape your slaves into whatever you need them to be.