Two things

Two things

Renting buildings
This weekend I put some work into the game’s building mechanic.

You’ll start the game in a building just big enough to house you and your one starter slave. To progress and expand you’re going to have to move your brothel to successively larger buildings. Every building has its own room layout, which is an important consideration because the size of a room determines what type of room it can be.

You can also choose which town district your brothel is situated. The location of your brothel will heavily influence the kinds of customers you can receive.

Naturally, all of these considerations will affect the rent so choose wisely.

I also made a small but critical change to the shemale gender. They can now have both male and female genitalia. (They used to only have male bits.) I really liked the idea of a well-defined third gender and how it created a nice symmetry with the other two genders. At the same time this is stuff people really care about and in the end, the less restrictions on character creation the better.

Shemale characters with both a penis and vagina is now referred to as “hermaphrodites” but are still considered to be members of the same gender as their vagina-less sisters. They’re a little OP, because they they get the best of both worlds, but so be it.

Influence points (again)

I reworked how you earn influence points in House Dominae. Influence is an important resource that you spend on things that money can’t buy. It’s like a social currency and you need it’s to gain access to the in-game bank, as an example.

Previously you would passively earn influence points based on your current reputation score. As long as your reputation was high, you’d gain some influence every day.

In testing I discovered that this mechanic just doesn’t work. You’d start the game earning no influence at all and once you’d get a little bit of reputation you were swimming in it. I tried balancing the numerical values but it became apparent the system was fundamentally flawed.

The new system will assign influence points to individual customers. To claim that influence you must satisfy their request. You can imagine these customers being influential people that will spread word about you even after visiting your brothel. The likelihood of a customer being influential depends on their social class.

I really like this way of doing it because it directly ties into the rest of the gameplay. When an influential person shows up in the customer queue I really want to make sure that I assign them to a slave that has the greatest chance of satisfying their request.



I kinda got carried away with the item system and added piercings too. Now there’s a beauty salon the player can visit to add piercings to slaves (as well as the PC).

They’re mostly cosmetic, in the roleplaying sense, but I took a page from Corruption of Champions’ book and you can get special gemmed piercings that grants a permanent buff to the character, depending on the gem and location of the piercing.

Items, Equipment

Items & equipment

I’ve been home sick and to pass the time I added items to the game. It works just as you’d expect. You’ll be able to purchase items in a store and use them to improve your slaves.

Items can be worn (equipment), consumed (potions, drugs) or be given to a character to be used in certain activities (sex toys, etc.) I’m also considering gifts.

Worn items can apply stat modifiers and grant status effects. It all kind of ended up working right away. I’m looking forward to expanding on this system in the near future.

Merry Xmas!

I’m on my xmas holiday until January 3rd and I expect to get a lot done on Dominae. Holidays are the best.

I’m slowly working through the list of activities and now titjobs are in. Had a lot of fun writing that, because boobs.

Also added slave training. I’ve had multiple versions of training in the game since the beginning, but now I believe I’ve found a good formula that accounts for both the trainer and the trainee. It really takes a lot of tedium out of the first week of turns.

Finally, I was getting tired of explicitly deducting stamina, dirtying up the room, adjusting stress levels, and doing all of the things that is supposed to happen in every activity, so I took some time and cleaned up the code to allow me to write simple one-liners or have the game handle it altogether.

Reputation and slave levels

I’ve had a couple of unproductive weekends. Long weeks at work made me want to play games rather than make them. But a few things have happened since my last update.

Reputation & Influence

I’ve implemented the reputation system, pretty much how I’ve always intended it. The idea is that every customer that leaves your brothel will talk about their visit to other people, affecting your brothel’s overall reputation. Happy customers raise your reputation and unhappy customers lower your reputation. Unserviced customers will lower your reputation by a small degree.

The higher your brothel’s reputation, the more customers it will attract. The net effect is that you’ll start out with just a handful of customers and (granted you do a good job) more will arrive

over time, eventually in groups and of higher social class. It makes the start of the game calmer and easier to manage with a small slave count.

At the end of each day, your reputation score converts into Influence points. Unlike reputation,

influence is a resource you keep until you choose to spend it, either in the Senate or the Slavers’ guild (when those are implemented).

Slave level

I’ve re-designed how slave levels work. Previously a slave’s level was a measure of how well they had been trained. More like an at-a-glance view of a slave’s overall skill (and worth).

In the new system, a slave’s level indicates how well they’ve adapted to their life as a sex slave. A level 0 slave would be one that was recently thrown into slavery and are still clinging to their old life. Conversely a level 3 slave is one that has embraced their new life as a walking cum bucket and takes pleasure in servitude.

This change allows the game to make a better distinction between different slaves’ “slavey-ness” and can describe sex encounters more accurately. For example a low level slave encounters will be written more resisting and rapey while well-worn slaves will be written with more compliance or even gleefulness.

In addition, raising a slave’s level will boost some of their stats, like obedience. Leveling up a slave costs gems, which is another resource you earn whenever a slave orgasms.



As I hinted in an earlier post, I’ve been working on group activities. This will open up the possibility for threesomes and group sex with customers. Before, customers could only be individuals but now they can arrive in groups and ask for group-y things. So far I can only do group activities with a single slave, and I haven’t written up any texts yet. Good progress, none the less.

Auction game

I only just threw this together today but I’m still going to mention that I’ve finally added a basic slave auction mini-game. To buy a slave you must bid against an assortment of rivaling slave traders. There’s a high degree of luck involved but I’m quite happy with how I was able to balance it so that the auction price ends up being very close to the actual

hidden value of the slave.

Auction competitors will show a random degree of interest in the slave and bid accordingly, and within reason. If you’re lucky only a few will show interest or even drop out early. I also took steps to make sure the auctions move along at a brisk pace, and not waste the player’s time too much with indecisive AI.