Reputation and slave levels

I’ve had a couple of unproductive weekends. Long weeks at work made me want to play games rather than make them. But a few things have happened since my last update.

Reputation & Influence

I’ve implemented the reputation system, pretty much how I’ve always intended it. The idea is that every customer that leaves your brothel will talk about their visit to other people, affecting your brothel’s overall reputation. Happy customers raise your reputation and unhappy customers lower your reputation. Unserviced customers will lower your reputation by a small degree.

The higher your brothel’s reputation, the more customers it will attract. The net effect is that you’ll start out with just a handful of customers and (granted you do a good job) more will arrive

over time, eventually in groups and of higher social class. It makes the start of the game calmer and easier to manage with a small slave count.

At the end of each day, your reputation score converts into Influence points. Unlike reputation,

influence is a resource you keep until you choose to spend it, either in the Senate or the Slavers’ guild (when those are implemented).

Slave level

I’ve re-designed how slave levels work. Previously a slave’s level was a measure of how well they had been trained. More like an at-a-glance view of a slave’s overall skill (and worth).

In the new system, a slave’s level indicates how well they’ve adapted to their life as a sex slave. A level 0 slave would be one that was recently thrown into slavery and are still clinging to their old life. Conversely a level 3 slave is one that has embraced their new life as a walking cum bucket and takes pleasure in servitude.

This change allows the game to make a better distinction between different slaves’ “slavey-ness” and can describe sex encounters more accurately. For example a low level slave encounters will be written more resisting and rapey while well-worn slaves will be written with more compliance or even gleefulness.

In addition, raising a slave’s level will boost some of their stats, like obedience. Leveling up a slave costs gems, which is another resource you earn whenever a slave orgasms.