Summer Update 2021

It’s been a while since the last post and, frankly, too much has happened since then for me to fully cover it all. I must admit, I have four different unfinished drafts for posts that never got posted. Sorry about that. It’s really overdue for another House Dominae update, so here we go.

This spring has been extremely productive for me, but this is also a catch-up of sorts, and it’s going to include things that I did way back during last year. I won’t be able to cover everything in much detail. I’ll go over the big things and then just dump the miscellany as a list. I don’t want this to become another unfinished draft.

Pawn improvements

I don’t consider myself much of a 3D modeler but I’ve really enjoyed playing around with Blender lately and I was able to clean up the pawn model quite a bit. The changes are subtle but I touched up the geometry and redid the entire UV-mapping and texturing. Of course, since the outfits fit over the characters I had to redo them as well. Which gave me an opportunity to touch them up as well. I also went and bought proper models for all the animals. The ones I used before were serviceable, but not great.

There’s still much left to do, such as creating more faces and hair pieces.

In addition:

  • Added even larger breast size shape.
  • Added male body shape.
  • Added athletic and thicc body shapes.
  • Added support for heterochromia.
  • Created more accessories and outfits.

Custom models

The game already allowed you to replacing the pawn model with any custom one and I’ve expanded on that to support custom faces, accessories, hair models and outfits. Obviously this will require some 3D know-how, but if you’re capable of exporting an obj-file you should be fine.


You can now accept quests at the prostitution guild.


When a pregnancy ends you now have the option to keep the baby. The baby will be attached to their mother and must be fed regularly until they grow up into children and, if you’re extremely patient, adulthood. (I’ve added some time acceleration items to lessen the wait.)

The child’s pawn will inherit the appearance from both parents.


The actions that a character is permitted to take used to be determined by a set of simple rules that pretty much only checked whether they were a slave or not. I’ve redefined and moved that logic into a new jobs system.

The idea is that your slaves will start as prostitutes and the brothel owner as a trainer, but as time goes on and characters learn new things, they can switch roles and even specialize in the things that they excel at. Switching jobs can be done at any time but requires a set of prerequisites to be met. Some jobs will open up new activities. Others will significantly buff existing activities and services.

Relationship improvements

I’ve improved relationships between characters. It was working quite decently already but I simplified the underlying numbers and how they are presented. I also added new facets that determine the nature of a relationship. The effect is that a relationship is slightly more nuanced than just having a number going from love to hate. One of the effects is that if a character gets horribly abused you can’t just win their affection back by giving them gifts. In according with these changes there are some new relationship states like “Untrusting”, “Romantic” and “Inferior”.


House Dominae was written from the very start to accept custom user data and treat it as a first class citizen. Most of the game’s existing content was created in the same way a modder would. So what I really mean when I say I’ve added modding support is that I’ve formalized how that data should be packaged and distributed between players, how it gets loaded, and how the game should handle conflicts and errors.

Modding is clearly a massive subject; one that will probably deserve its own wiki at some point. There are very few regions of the games that a mod can’t touch and for the most part it won’t require any programming what-so-ever. That’s the idea, anyways.

The rest…

  • Revisited the auction mini-game. There is a new mechanic for disrupting aggressive bidders.
    • Slaves can now be sold.
    • A slave’s value is determined by their stats, skills and traits.
  • Traits can now associate adjectives to body parts, that gets sprinkled into event texts. (e.g. “Midna’s petite body,” “Cammy’s childbearing hips,” etc.)
  • Stores now offer random discounts on items.
  • Character Creator:
    • Include custom model & face texture in character files.
    • Added ability to add unknown/custom traits. (mods)
    • Can now pre-equip characters with items.
    • Unicode support.
    • Optimized image processing. Can now import a thousand images in seconds rather than minutes and doesn’t hang the application.
  • Customer portraits were replaced with anonymous silhouettes.
  • New town locations:
    • Bath house
    • Magic shop
    • Council
    • Milk bar
  • New activities:
    • Fraternize, Encourage, Intimidate, Fuck (specifically), Forced sex (rape)
  • Slaves can now put up physical resistance based on a hidden strength roll.
  • Slaves have new mental facets that determine their mental state, allowing characters to behave canonically in event texts while also changing over time.
  • Better camera controls.
  • Books and other items can now alter the sexual orientation of a character.
  • Defined all skill rolls up to level 10.
  • More content settings: Anal, Lactation.
  • Third gender setting: Shemales can be considered a third gender (in-world) or be restricted to player characters only (chicks.
  • Animated sex scenes (experimental).
  • Image searches improved to include both actor and receiver.
  • Character injuries have been refined and now includes things like soreness and swelling.
  • Can now harvest breast milk from slaves to sell or to make love potions.
  • And much, much more.