A super late update

Oh, hi again!

It’s been over a year since my last blog post and I’ve received a lot of questions about the state of the project. Don’t worry. Truth is, I’ve been working on the game all along, as usual. I’ve just done a poor job showing off or explaining what I’ve been doing.

I’d like to remind everone to follow me on Twitter (@RealisticsSL). I put up updates and screenshots there more often, because it’s much easier. You can also join the Discord. It’s been kind of quiet, but I’m there if you have questions. (Although, I reserve the right hiss at you if your question is about whether or not the game is dead.)

What’s been done

Below is a non-exhaustive list of the changes that’s been made to the game since April of last year. At least the ones I can still remember:

  • Added title screen UI
    • New game setup (with 4 scenarios).
    • Load/save game UI
    • Customizable gameplay options, allowing players to omit things they don’t like (like dickgirls, pregnancy, lolis…)
  • New town locations
    • Clinic: Plastic surgery, sex change, sterilization.
    • Pet shop: Adopt pets *
    • Orphanage: Adopt orphans *
  • Character system
    • Added ‘Charm’ trait type, which works like a second personality trait but is purely superficial.
    • Ordered physical traits into a new ‘Feature’ trait category.
    • Removed skin tone and hair style from character properties.
    • Added support for transgender characters and custom pronouns.
    • Added several new character traits.
    • Added, and then subsequently removed, a skill tree system.
    • Insubordination/punishment system tweaked to be less invasive in day-to-day gameplay.
    • Obedience is no longer a character attribute, rather it now gets calculated based on the slave’s mental state and progression.
    • Added a new system for randomly generated characters (as opposed to player-created ones).
    • Character creator app was updated to reflect all the changes.
  • Character pawns
    • Added new hair styles, outfits and accessories.
    • Reworked the pawn model to use blend shapes instead of separate models.
    • Improved the appearance editor.
    • Added support for custom character models. (.obj, .mtl)
    • General improvements to the underlying pawn system.
  • Sex activities
    • Implemented support for cooperative (single-customer-multiple-slaves) sex activities, i.e. customers can now ask to be served by multiple slaves.
    • Reworked trainer-slave sex activities. Player can choose mutually enjoyable acts or to be purely selfish.
    • A character’s sexual orientation can now change through positive sexual experiences.
    • Reworked the customer difficulty and relevant skill rolls to be represented as stars and half-stars. A star is equivalent to a level in a particular skill. Also, results are now given a letter grade rather than a percentage score. (e.g. ‘Faced with a 2-star Peasant, Cammy’s performance only reached one-and-a-half stars, resulting in a B grade.’)
    • Reworked the character relationship system.
    • Relationships now dictate whether characters want to have sex with one other.
    • Changed or removed some sexual services affected by the changes above while also adding new ones.
  • Added a brothel management screen with general information and financial history.
    • Added a system where brothel services are unlocked in a ‘tech tree’ like system. *
    • Added a ‘Services’ tab for setting custom prices. *
    • Significantly improved startup performance. (It used to be unnecessarily slow.)

*: Still unfinished, or in progress.

Some updated screenshots