Mid-winter development dump

Hey, here’s another update on what’s been going on with House Dominae. I apologize that I haven’t taken the time to write about all the things I’m adding to the game. It takes time and I chose to spend that time coding instead (and also drawing).

LOTS of things have happened though, and I thought it would be funny if I went through my notes and compiled a list of all the changes that I’ve made since my last blog post. So this is just going to be a big dump of changes and I’m sure some of them won’t make any sense. But if anything, it should give you some relief that things are indeed happening, even when I’m not writing about it.

Gameplay / System

  • Added developer console with dozens of useful debugging commands.
  • Context strings format:
    • Added string references.
    • Added paragraph breaks.
  • Made changes to activity xml-format.
    • Updated several sexual activities.
  • Added support for activity-specific modifiers.
    • E.g: Having large breasts now improves titjob performance.
  • Moved more room logic to xml-format, nearly eliminating hard-coded logic.
    • Added throne room type (for seated activities).
    • Added training room type.
  • Newly purchased slaves now get randomized starter experience.
  • Customer system improved in general.
  • Customer can now have traits (quirks). 
    • E.g: Customers can be drunk, gross, rough, generous, etc.
    • Customers now have an associated level that determines their difficulty.
  • Customer classes overhauled.
    • Added non-human “Horsefolk” customer class with “horse-like” traits.
  • Restored groups of customers to working order.
  • Reputation system overhauled. 
    • The class of customers your brothel can attract is now based on the district your brothel is located in.
    • Brothel reputation is now based on the social class of your customers and the district your brothel is located in.
    • New customer types can be configured to arrive at specific points of brothel reputation.
  • Added activity for practicing vaginal and anal sex using a dildo item. 


  • Image scrolling tools improved. 
    • Added ability to zoom.
    • Added support for multiple character portraits. (Randomly selected once per game).
  • Resting while already rested reduces Stress.
  • Added “Spirit” stat to represent a slave’s mental strength.
  • Morale system implemented.
    • Morale is now affected by events that occur to a slave and things they like and dislike. What a slave likes and dislikes differ based on their Personality and Mentality.
  • Loyalty / Reason system
    • Loyalty and Reason is affected by events that occur to a slave, based on the slave’s current Mentality (previously “Mood”).

User Interface

  • Character details screen:
    • Fixed/Finished the Biography tab.
    • Any flavor text moved from main tab to biography tab.
    • Biography now lists a character’s cup size.
    • The “Rules” tab is now the “Manage” tab and certain commands were moved there.
    • Morale stat tooltip now lists events that will affect that slave’s morale. 
    • Status effects moved to own widget instead of being mixed in with other character traits. (Even though they’re both “traits” under the hood.)
  • Character markers now display the character’s current stamina.

Lastly, I’m working on adding animals as a character type to the game. Stay tuned!