Fall update

Sorry about the lack of updates. I just don’t end up posting as much as I probably should but development-wise I’m pretty much on the same pace as always. Maybe a little bit slower since work has been pretty hectic this fall.

Looking back at what I’ve done most of it have been focused on various systems in the game, which makes for really poor screenshots so bear with me.

Personality traits

Characters can now be defined with a personality trait. This is actually a very minor addition but it should be helpful when creating characters. Personalities work just as any other trait, but a character can only have one. I realized that a bunch of the psychological traits would serve better as personality traits, like “Shy” and “Slutty”.


I have a small confession to make. I stole this system from SoldGirl Town, almost in its entirety. In short, slaves now have two new stats: Loyalty and Reason (previously Mental health). These attributes are then used to determine the slave’s current state of mind or “mood”. Slaves generally start out with low loyalty and high reason resulting in a hateful mood. By slowly changing these stats through their actions, the player can alter the mood of a slave to successively make them more compliant and eventually

submissive and obedient.

It’s worth mentioning that this completely obsoletes the slave leveling system, which I’ll remove at some point. But I think I like this system better because it’s more nuanced and it adds a secondary way to affect a slave’s obedience besides the insubordination/punishment system.

Skills reshuffled

This is another small change. I redefined the skills and categorized them in groups; a primary group (Manual, Oral, Anal, etc.) and a secondary group (Elegance, Perversion, Technique, etc.) The point is that every sexual activity will require a skill in the primary group and (optionally) some skill from the secondary group.

The primary skills should be self-explanatory but you can have vaginal sex in lots of different ways and I wanted the game to reflect that. So if a customer walks up and wants rough sex, it’d require the slave to use both their vaginal sex skill and their rough sex skill. An aristocrat might want a more elegant experience. You get my drift.

This also leads into some future work where I want to add some non-sexual services like strip dancing.

Special skills

These were previously called “Techniques”. I wanted a way to clearly indicate a character’s skill growth. But I kind of solved that when I switched to a level based skill system over the previous linear one. Level 2 is clearly better than level 1.

So I changed techniques into be something a bit more interesting, I think. Characters will now occasionally learn special skills (I needed the word “Technique” for something else) and these are effectively buffs. Some special skills will be learned from books while some will have to be learned spontaneously. They should hopefully help with slave specialization and to differentiate slaves from one another.

Character connections

You can now inform the game, via the character creator, if two or more characters are connected or related somehow. Characters can be brothers and sisters (for that incestuous hotness), husbands and wives or just canonical friends or enemies. I believe that if the player knows that two characters are canonically related, the game should be able to know that too.

This will come into play later when I revisit the relationship system. I believe there’s a ton of gameplay potential to be had there.

Semantic engine improvements

I added an option to allow the game’s text engine to refer to the player character as “you”[Name] [is] tired will produce either “Chun-li is tired” or “You are tired” depending on the setting. Pretty neat!

I added an [a] command that will correctly output “a” or “an” based on the succeeding word. This is incredibly useful when referring to unknown things like names of customers – which now have randomized prefixes for variety.

Finally, I added [if], [elif], [else] & [endif] commands to do conditional statements. You could already do this but the existing syntax is more suitable for individual words whereas this will work better for full sentences and paragraphs.