Refactoring the building mesh generator

I revisited some of the earliest code I wrote for this, because it’s been getting more and more outdated, specifically how the building mesh is generated. All of the wallpaper and floor materials were hard-coded and now all of that that has been formalized.

In the beginning I imagined the player placing down individual bedrooms and other rooms of specific types, building their brothel up from scratch. I’ve since scrapped that idea and instead the player will purchase pre-built buildings and instead furnish rooms to indicate their use, i.e. place a bed within an empty room and it becomes a bedroom. This meant I had to rewire a bunch of the room logic.

I also took the opportunity to create a few building layouts to test the system.

I’ve also done some profiling and improved the performance of the user interface since it was feeling a bit sluggish. Sadly that effort is hard to convey in screenshots.