I’m getting back into the swing of things. Vacation is just around the corner and I’m feeling great!

First off, I’ve finally added multi-selection support to the character creator. This enables you to select a whole batch of images and assign the same tag to all in a single click rather than twenty. This was the final sore thumb in the creator I wanted to get rid of.

I then began compiling a list of default images that the game can fall back upon whenever a character file comes up short on any specific activity. However, in doing so I discovered a bunch of bugs in my image search algorithm. This eventually led me to create a debug window in the game where I can enter arbitrary queries and see what comes back. I imagine it will prove useful to future character authors.

It only took a few minutes of playing around with it to realize I had to alter the syntax somewhat to allow for “soft” search terms, where I could ask for a shemale but settle for a female instead, etc. Things of that nature.

PS. I’m currently playing Slave Maker 3 and I’m rediscovering a bunch of qualities that game has that I’d forgotten about.

Town locations UI

I want to elaborate on what I meant when I said I’ve made “minor improvements” in my earlier response. I haven’t had time, or the energy, to make any big sweeping changes, but even when I’m pooped from work I still like to tinker with the small stuff.

Recently I’ve been trying to formulate the interface for the lateral mechanics in the game, like purchasing slaves, items and upgrades, while also moving away from putting everything in the left side bar.

So this is the direction I’m currently moving in, which is simply to put a face on each of the town functions, sprinkle some flavor dialogue on there and see how that plays.

Bonus screenshot of the (borderline superfluous but totally playable) gambling mini game:


This past weekend I decided to take care of something that’s bugged me for months, namely the code that evaluates sexual encounters. I’m sure there’s a forum post of me somewhere talking about how great I had made it, but don’t believe past me!! Past me was wrong!

Without going into too much details, in general, it was another case of me overthinking a simple problem and going out of my way to obfuscate the math, to the point where even I got confused. The new system simplifies a lot of it, and in general it’s easier to reason about the numbers. If an blowjob request has a difficulty of 3, the slave will need an Oral skill of 3 to perform it successfully. Straight forward. Stuff like that.

Like before, there’s an obedience check, a service check and a skill check – and now the math just lines up much better. You don’t have to succeed them all, but doing so yields the best result.

I’ve also changed how experience points are accumulated. The goal was to give experience proportional to the difficulty of the requested act, without making it too rewarding, or not rewarding enough. Again, by simplifying the math I got closer to that goal than before, I think. Right now, from zero to a hero cock sucker takes about 15 cocks, for a middle of the road slave.

Finally, I put some time into the encounter texts. I used the blowjob event as my test case and tried to feed as much information I could to the text generator, and write appropriate phrases for it to use. The text in the screenshots above are generated by the game, for the same blowjob event. I guess one had a slightly better outcome than the other.

The “Nice boobs” phrase is an indicator that the customer had an affinity for one of Chun’s physical traits, and “Chun-Li welcomed a thug with a smile” hints at a very successful service check.

Modeling pt.2

I kept working on the model because it’s so much fun. Look at all that detail you won’t be able to see in the game! 8D

The actual game asset will use a much lower resolution texture, but at least I now have a good base to work from.

But yeah, I’m calling this little experiment done for now and I will move on to other things.

Modeling pt. 1


While I like the concept of customizable character pawns, I’m not really sold on how they have looked so far. My aim was to have extremely simple 3D approximations for characters, that would be super easy to customize with a few parameters. However basing them on Kokeshi doll meant they became too simplistic and visually boring.

So I took a day and tried creating a new proper model and here is the result. I’m going for a super deformed look with relatively low detail. I haven’t put it in the game yet, but I’m hoping it will turn out great.


Threw it into the game and yeah, it looks alright. I can move forward with this. 🙂