I set out to make House Dominae with the intent to create a new brothel sim where role-playing is a key element that is supported through the game’s mechanics and that doesn’t leave so much to the player’s own imagination.

Custom characters are the heart of the game. I believe that one of the key features of a good brothel sim is to let players play with their favorite characters and I wanted to ensure that the game could allow for as many types of characters as possible. For instance, many of the games I’ve played in the past makes an assumption that the player is male and consequently slaves must thus be female. I disagree on both points and the game should strive to avoid making similar assumptions.

The game should recognize and embrace all kinds of sexual expression. We’re all different and we all have our own kinks. Who am I to judge? Besides, being able to do things we wouldn’t otherwise is why we play games.

While I don’t think I’m fully equipped to represent every perceivable perversion inside the game, the least I can do is to allow for people to add it in themselves through add-ons, including relevant character traits, items and activities.

Finally, House Dominae should be a proper game, as in something one plays, preferably for longer than a handful of minutes. It’s not a game solely about rewarding players with sexy JPEGs, rather a fully featured game with progression, concerns, planning, goals and so forth.

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