House Dominae is developed using Unity. That being said, a large portion of game’s code doesn’t use Unity at all. I’ve had to come up with a lot of my own solutions to make the game work well with external user-created content rather than pre-baked assets.

Deep and rich simulation

There’s little sense in supporting a wide range of characters if they all behave and feel the same when you’re playing the game. This led me to develop a character model that’s more than just experience points and leveling up. Characters in House Dominae can have different personalities, physical traits and capabilities and they all affect how they behave when you play with them.

As the game progresses, your slaves will develop affinities for certain kinds of things (and people!) For instance, a slave can independently develop a preference for cum and from then on their morale is boosted every time they’re assigned to a bukkake session.

The in-game character screen. Note the number of tabs.

Business management

As the owner of a brothel you are responsible for not just attracting customers but making sure they leave your premises with a happy grin on their faces. Every customer is unique and have their own ideas of a good time. Tending to their needs will earn you a good reputation and net you higher profits.

Of course, you’re not alone in your endeavor and you are always competing against rivaling brothels for your customers’ attention. By raising your reputation you earn a successively larger piece of the pie.

The brothel finance screen. Numbers!


Every character will form a relationship with every other character that stays under the roof of the brothel. These relationships can grow and flourish into friendships or perhaps something more intimate. They could also sour and turn into bitter rivalries, negatively affecting how those characters interact and cooperate with each other.

In addition, House Dominae is the first game of this type that lets you predefine existing relationships between custom characters. So if you wish to add two or more characters into the game from popular fiction that happen to be canonically friends or enemies, that can be reflected in the game as well.

The character relationship screen

Dynamic text generation

For House Dominae I developed a novel dynamic text system that adapts the source text based on context, with some randomness sprinkled in. This system is used to do basic things like inserting the correct pronoun for a character but it can do so much more than that. It can tailor the text based on a character’s mood, capabilities, relationships, random events and much more.

What this means in practice is that when you press ‘End Turn’ and the game presents a the results of an action to you, the text will be different every time and be customized to which character performed said action. It also means that the way the game describes a character over time will change as the character grows and gains new experiences.

It also means that when the game tells you that a slave swallowed a customer’s cum, they actually did, because that text would had been triggered by the underlying simulation and wouldn’t appear otherwise.

An example of some randomized text generated for a successful customer encounter

A living world

Of course, there’s more to the game than just your brothel. There are several locations for you to visit.

The city of Mersa

You earn influence by serving important customers and you can spend that influence to gain access to the upper echelon of society.

Inquiring with a senator

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